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50k training: week 10

Only two more weeks until race day! I cannot believe how quickly time flew by. It may be early February, it seems like spring is just around the corner. The end of last week had me dressed for a real feel temp in the single digits--today's run will be in shorts and a tank top! The cherry on top is my son noticed that our tulips have sprouted! I am so excited to have beautiful flowers soon.

Anyway, back to the running! Here is this week in a snapshot:

Monday: 6.15 miles, 59:29

Tuesday: 7.32 miles, 1:03:13

Wednesday: 5.39 miles, 54:25

Thursday: 11.4 miles, 1:27:00

Friday: 6.6 miles, 56:30

Saturday: 14.7 miles, ~2:10

Sunday: Rest

Weekly Total: 51.6 miles

This week was a planned down week after 3 great weeks of training, so not too many exciting workouts to share. I felt rather flat the whole week and missed my longer runs by the end of the week. My only workout was on Thursday, when I paced some friends for their marathon pace workout. They aimed for 9 miles at 7:20ish pace and absolutely crushed it. It is so nice helping other people with their workouts.

I enjoyed my usual group runs, but Saturday was an absolute slog because I woke up with a head cold. However, I could not skip the group long run because it was my turn to put out water on the course. I ended up quite grateful, as I had a hilarious first half of the run. It was hard to catch my breath at an easy pace because I was laughing so hard, so often. The second half of the run, I started to convince myself that I could sleep while running, I felt so tired. Oh well, if there was a week to get sick, it was probably this week. I may take it a little easy at the start of next week, but overall am excited to get back into the swing of things.

Enjoy your miles!

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