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Go The Distance Training program

This 12 week women's only program prepares participants for a 13.1 or 26.2 mile race. Participants interested in the half marathon should be running 15-20 miles a week and able to comfortably complete a 10k. Participants interested in the marathon should have at least one year of running experience, including at least one half marathon, should be running at least 25 miles a week and able to comfortably complete a 90 minute run (or 10 miles) at the start of the program.


What's Included?

Each participant will receive a personalized training program. Participants may elect to choose a run/walk program, if desired. Weekly emails with educational material on training will be sent out. Group workout sessions will be held at Bollman Bridge Elementary on Monday mornings at 5:15am, with flexibility to start earlier if needed, and biweekly on Saturday mornings at varied locations. A vest premium will be included if registered by the program start date.

Interested in the Going the Distance program? Please CLICK HERE to register or fill out the CONTACT US form to receive further information. 

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