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50k Training: week one

Happy Monday! Every Monday, I will recap my 50k training from the week before, my thoughts on the process, and any cool sights along the way.

Here's my week in a snapshot:

Monday: 4.36 miles @9:33 pace

Tuesday: 6.67 miles @9:22 pace, hill workout with 5x2minute hills @10k effort

Wednesday: 6 miles @8:46 pace

Thursday: Off

Friday: 8.1 miles @8:51 pace

Saturday: Morning run-5.97 miles @9:08pace; afternoon run-7.42 miles @7:42 pace

Sunday: Off

Total: 38.5 miles

During the beginning of the week, I kept things on the easy side since my left calf was a bit tight from using my racing flats for last week's 5k. Monday's run was at night, so I enjoyed some of the Christmas lights that are out; some people don't hold back, and I love it, like this house:

In a few weeks, I cannot wait to take my toddler around the neighborhood with some mugs of hot cocoa and Christmas music playing. His excitement around Christmas time has grown every year so far.

Thursdays are slated to be my easy days, as my plan has back-to-back long runs, which are new for me. I've decided ahead of time to do the minimum on the plan, three miles, no matter how good I am feeling. Having a guaranteed short and slow day is important for having the energy for the larger efforts, and I can only assume this effect is exponentially greater with long runs, especially the long runs that include workouts.

Friday and Saturday will be my mid to long run days, but they are also my group run days, which is a change of pace I always welcome. It is so much easier to get up at 4:30/5am when a group of people is waiting for you. My Friday run regularly includes a 10k route that looks like Africa and is a group with great camaraderie. I never know what pace that run will be, although the usual is one of us pushing the pace over time until the last mile, where the gradual uphill tends to slow things down. Some of the regular runners enjoy some exquisite coffee at the local coffee shop afterward. I highly recommend starting at least one of your mornings in such a delightful way.

Saturday's long run was split in two, as I had to head home early from my morning run to help with my sick kids. Turns out that they both fell back asleep before I got home, so I could have finished, but given the pouring rain and that the temperature was in the forties, I did not have too much regret. I was able to get out later in the day, with clear skies and wanted to have some fun with a progression run. I ran a hillier, big loop and sped up too much, too soon. I miscalculated my effort on some uphills in mile four and ended up running a 7:06 mile, so I slowed down a bit to a steady 7:15-7:25 tempo pace the last two miles before cooling down. Even though I did not get the progression I wanted, I enjoyed the harder effort and doing a second run.

The week ahead includes a new running group called the Crazies and some tempo work... I am excited for it! Enjoy your miles.

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